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  • Game machines

    Basket topuyla oynanan bir makinedir. Bu makinede para karşılığında sınırlı sayıda top vermektedir. Bu top sayısı genelde 10 olup skora göre top vermeleri durdurabilmektedir.

    2018 looks like a good year for games based on numbers so far, and as noted by industry analyst Matt Piscatella, we see a growth of 15% over the past year. The market is growing at every angle; software sales by 7%, hardware sales by 15% and accessory sales by 29% compared to the previous year.

    Looking at the software, Far Cry 5, God of War and Monster Hunter World are the main forces behind sales, and older games like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: WWI and Mario Kart 8 continue to sell well.

    On the hardware side, the PlayStation 4 stands for sales, but the Xbox One also shows signs of growth. As Piscatella said, this growth is “the greatest annual growth rate since Xbox 360 sales in 2010”. Nintendo's Switch, meanwhile, stands out as the second-highest example in history.

    In the accessory field, headphone-style headphones, according to what Turtle Beach said at the beginning of the year, were up 83% and game control arms were up 22%. Play cards are also breaking new records year by year.

    However, only half of this year is behind and the analyst estimates the results for the rest of the year. Estimates for the fourth quarter of the year, especially for the holiday season, are predicted to lead Rockstar Games to the expected fourth quarter and full year of the expected Red Dead Redemption 2 game. The latest Call of Duty and Battlefield games are also expected to be successful.

    RELEASED NEWS DeepMind AI's new number
    Hardware estimates show that the current situation may change. Latest Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. the Switch can take the lead in the fourth quarter and set the top position on annual sales, which can help achieve the company's goals. Total equipment sales this year are expected to reach 17.5 million units, which means the highest number reached since 2012.

  • (Turkish) Caurosel Üretimi


    Konveyör sistemlerinde özellikle sistemin omurgasını oluşturan şaselerdir

  • Boxer Makinası

    Kombo Boks Makinası

    Hem boks yapılabilen hemde tekme ile vuruş yapılan makinalardır.

  • Conveyor systems

    konveyör , conveyor , מסוע , רולר מסוע , chain conveyor , caurosel , ناقل سلسلة , Kettenförderer , transportador de cadena , roller conveyor , kedjetransportör , kjede conveyor , kettingbaan , convoyeur à bande

    The main casing of the conveyors can be manufactured as Aluminum Conveyor Profiles or as steel in heavy materials.

    Pvc Belt Conveyor: The movement of Pvc Belt Conveyors is provided by motor power. Pvc Belt Conveyors are the reason for preference in the sectors which are not exposed to direct heat, the products which can damage the tapes and which do not move. Pvc Belt conveyors are manufactured at a slightly lower cost than other belts and other conveyor types. Pvc Belt Conveyors are preferred for Flat Type, Miniature, Z Type and L Type Conveyors. Pvc There are color options on the tapes. Pvc Band is not suitable for food, but Polyurethane band can be preferred to Pvc Band in food sector.

    Modular Belt Conveyor: Modular Belt Conveyors have more durable structure than Pvc Banta. However, Modular Belt is not suitable for dust handling. The movement of the modular belt conveyors is provided by motor power. Modular Belt Conveyors are suitable for flat type, miniature type, L type, Z type and rotating conveyors. Since Modular Tape is modular, it allows only the damaged part of the tape to be changed in future problems. Modular Tapes have many models available.

    Chain Conveyor: The movement of the chain conveyors takes place with the help of motor power and chain. The chain moves along the conveyor to move the conveyor. Chains can be transported by connecting to the product by roll, bucket, container or direct hooks. Chain conveyors can be manufactured in accordance with every sector.

    Avare Roller Conveyor: The movement of Avare Roller Conveyors is provided by human power. It is also possible to make use of the gravity force by making it slightly inclined according to the area to be used. With the slight pushing force, the material can be transported from one end to the other by reducing the most to the human body. In the non-sloping Avare Coil Conveyors, the transfer of man power is most reduced with pushing power. Avare Rulolu Conveyors can be produced with more cost than the conveyors which require motor power.


    advanced robot technology in the field of sales and after sales that perform services Mitsubishi Electric in Turkey, automotive with solutions offered, medicine, food, packaging, many industry-speed electronics and education, providing high added value by providing flexibility and efficiency.

    According to the statement made by Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, which provides fast integration, productivity, flexibility and efficiency to the intelligent factories of Industrial 4.0, offers high added value to the Turkish industry with its advanced robot technology which provides great convenience at every stage of production.

    Digital factory concept that responds to Mitsubishi Electric's new industrial environment Robots playing a critical role in e-F @ ctory are using virtually every industrial facility that meets human needs as an ordinary work force. rapidly expanding the use of robots, especially industry in the field of advanced robotics technologies in Turkey, sales and after sales services that perform Mitsubishi Electric, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, electronics and makes a difference in many sectors with relatives working in precision speed robot to a human arm or hand such as education .

    Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of products ranging from parallel robot arms to sealed 6-axis robots for micro-assembly of miniature components, and there are no applications that robots can offer solutions. The brand's extensive product range includes a robotic robot that can be used in all sorts of environments from clean rooms to dirty, greasy and dusty environments.

    – Ideal robots for the pharmaceutical industry

    Modular control and pharmaceutical industry certification make Mitsubishi Electric's industrial robots ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Robot's built-in database connectivity and controls, which provide control for all processes, enable modular and flexible applications in all areas where quality and production data need to be backed up in a clear way.

    Responding to increased hygiene requirements in the food sector, product diversity and the traceability of production processes, Mitsubishi Electric's innovative details of its robots guarantee the absolute quality for top-notch hygienic applications.

    Mitsubishi Electric robots are extremely precise and flexible; the automotive industry can be used in every situation where small details such as touch measurement, quality assurance and assembly of complex components are important. Mitsubishi Electric robots perform their tasks at full speed, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    – Reliability, speed and continuity in packaging

    Providing high performance and flexibility, Mitsubishi Electric robots are highly preferred in the packaging industry. All Mitsubishi Electric automation components such as PLC controllers, operator terminals and additional axes can be included in the system. In addition, the system can be connected to the cameras and the robots can be synchronized with the conveyor belts. These features ensure that packaging tasks can be performed reliably, quickly, and continuously.

    With the compact and lightweight Mitsubishi Electric robots, practical learning can be realized in educational settings. Easy programming and simulation options make it easy to enter the robotics field and limit flexibility.

    Mitsubishi Electric robots, with standard real-time interfaces and easy programming, provide all sorts of options for using robots as manipulators, including complex university research projects.




Industrial automation to complete production tasks
The use of robotic devices. Computerized or robotics are fast and
because it is capable of carrying repetitive tasks efficiently
In day and computer age, this is becoming increasingly important in the production process.
The machines used in this field are not able to
has the ability to complete ordinary tasks. For this special machine
You do not have to pay expensive fees. In addition, the company
You can save money. For a company on industrial automation
as well as the pros and cons.
With the costs, holiday time days paid and other expensive employee rights,
Companies can save money with industrial automation.
Robot machine initially can be extremely expensive, for production workers
The monthly wage loss provides incredible savings for the company.
While the machine is able to break down, it does not happen often.
If necessary, only a handful of maintenance or computer engineers is required to take care of the handle and lines to run smoothly again.
In addition, many plant shifts need to hire dozens of production workers and turn off on certain days. Industrial automation,
however, a company allows the plant to operate for twenty four hours, 365 days a year, without paying overtime.
You can add significant savings to this fact alone. Such companies are fully automated
By controlling the past and production lines, minimum manpower is working with maximum machine principle. Of course, such investments
cost savings for factories and increasing the competitiveness.