Cihaz Kutuları

  • (Turkish) Ekran Ve Cihaz Kasaları


    Ekranların veya cihazların dış kısmını kapatmak için kullanılan metal kasalardır.

  • Cihaz Kutusu

    They are easy-to-use metal boxes designed to protect or use devices made from aluminum, stainless or DKP materials. These boxes can be used in industry as well as in daily life.

    It is necessary to move widely in material selection in device boxes. In the possible box below, the main body is used with DKP material and the outer moving cover aluminum is used.

    Aluminum is made with the help of weight balancing system for cover movement. With the smallest force, the lid opens automatically.

    Size is important in device boxes. As the size increases, the device box is lost and the device cabinet option is created.

    Device boxes should be stylish as well as reveal in different positions at the same time. In this system, credit card, contactless card and pinpad are used at the same time. This system is graceful. In the event of such a failure, the reset button must not be segregated from the body. He has done some local work for this.

  • Electronic Device Boxes


    There are serious efforts to develop available CRISPR gene replacement technology or to find alternatives. If these studies go as expected, the genetic intervention of human embryos will come out of the imagination.

    With these methods, it is hoped that it will be possible to increase the performance and intelligence of our children, as well as to eliminate genetic disorders. Who knows, perhaps the years will come when we can determine the eye color, hair color and neck of our children.


    Perhaps the first step was actually Tesla a century ago. The bulbs were able to burn without any cable connection. However, due to the infrastructure problems, my wireless life could not be fully entered. Over the past few years, especially wireless phone chargers have entered our lives. In the coming years, we can say that this technology will play a bigger role in our lives.

    Wireless electricity will be everywhere just like wireless internet. Our laptop, our phone will not stay charging like this; TV, light bulbs in the house, even our electric car can be powered by wireless. The technology required for this already exists, the only necessary infrastructure to be established.


    In 2025 it is estimated that 14 percent of the world’s population will not have access to clean water, which will increase over time. Even if such a landscape leads to water wars speculation, scientists are looking for ways to solve this problem. The most reasonable method is to purify the sea water from the salt and convert it into drinking water.

    There are many alternative methods to this subject, some of them plan to purify the salt with their sieves, and others organize huge water treatment plants that work with solar energy. While it is difficult to predict which of these projects will come true, in the coming years the expectation that sea water will be converted to potable water seems reasonable.


    Studies on nanofibers can reveal a new generation of clothing. For example, thanks to the nanogum, it is possible to produce plenty of clothes that kill bacteria and do not allow sweat to form. Or hydrophobic nanofibers can be used to produce clothes that stay in water for months without getting wet. In addition, thanks to fiber-based micro generators; sesten, the blood circulation and our movements to produce energy from our pocket to charge the phone can be sewed pants. These images coming out of science fiction films may be real soon.


    Virtual reality glasses and three-dimensional films have long been in our lives. But this impressive technology is on its way. We will see its impact in the next 10 years.

    For example, your virtual reality is expected to seriously affect education. With advanced virtual reality technology, students will be able to travel in human body, travel to distant stars, learn ancient pyramids in their own ages and learn by living their knowledge or history.

  • (Turkish) Sunum ve Similasyon Cihaz Kutusu


    Sunum ve similasyon için düşünülmüş elektronik cihaz kutularıdır.

  • Medikal Cihaz Kutuları

    Hastanelerin özellikle ameliyathane ve bakım katlarında oksijeni azotu ve havayı dengeleyip kontrol sağlayan panolardır. Medikal cihaz kutuları hastanelerin kullanmış olduğu cihazların kutularını kapsamaktadır. Bu kutular fonksiyonlu olmakla beraber kullanımıda uygun olmalıdır. Çünkü bu kurallar özellikle yoğun zamanda (acil durumlarda sık olasıdır) kullanılacaktır.

    Medikal cihaz kutuların kullanımı ve müdehalesi çok iyi planlanmalıdır. Yerine göre elektronik sistemdeki aksaklıklara hızlı bir şekilde müdahale yapılabilmelidir.