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  • (Turkish) Labaratuvar Ve Test Cihaz Kasaları


    Özellikle labaratuvarlar da ve test amaçlı kullanılan kasa ve kabinlerdir. Bu sistemlerin yapısı kullanılacak ortamlara göre değişkenlik gösterebilmektedir.

  • Workbenches

    They are the elements that make metal cupboards and casings used for various products. Particularly cabinets and casings are made in a modular system and supported by a strong subseason or base system.

    The casings are generally connected to the lid system by cage nuts or air tight nuts. If desired, the lower part is made of wheels and can be disassembled and attached to the wheel part.

    Ventilation grilles come into play when metal parts are assembled. While it is protected from the rain at this point, the channels for air outflow can come into play. There are parts with athletes against vertical loads on the inside.


    Long working hours, poor management, balance of work-private life, hard work, excessive work load, the most stressful causes in employees. Excessive stress also causes many psychological and physical discomforts. Professor at Stanford University-Tesi. Jeffrey Pfeffer says 120,000 people die each year in the US due to workplace problems. According to Pfeffer, workplaces cause a lot of deaths even from Alzheimer’s and diabetes.
    Work kills stress We all have stressful times in the workplace but stress can upset our lives when they go extreme or become chronic. Long-term stress is quite common in business. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 65 percent of Americans say their work is the number one source of stress, and 1 in 3 say they are experiencing chronic stress. The American Stress Institute estimates that it costs 300 billion dollars a year for reasons such as work stress, lack of employment, circulation, productivity decline, and health interruptions.

    Dying for a Paycheck is the author of the book, Professor at Stanford University. Jeffrey Pfeffer says 120,000 people die each year in the United States because of workplace problems such as stress and mismanagement. This figure also puts businesses in fifth place among the most common causes of death, which means that businesses kill many people even from diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

    VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Assoc. Dr. Bahadir Maintenance, stress caused by diseases listed as follows: “Work stress is prolonged, people can experience some physical symptoms increase. At the beginning, there is a feeling of fatigue, headache, numbness, sleep disorders, non-healing illnesses, decreased immunity (cancer risk), weight loss / increase, shortness of breath, unidentified aches, palpitations, blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle tension, – can cause bowel and skin diseases. Psychological problems include forgetfulness, low concentration, feeling of failure, nervousness, restlessness, uneasiness, impatience, reduced self-esteem, critical viewpoint toward self or circles, hostility, energy loss, hopelessness, indifference, crying seizures, desire for loneliness, feelings of dissatisfaction, negative attitudes towards life, and a decrease in courtesy and respect. People can start using alcohol or drugs, and they can increase their cigarette consumption. Panic disorder, depression may develop. Suicide may also be the case if depression progresses. Behavioral outcomes may include family conflict, impulse control problems (screaming, shattering), poor job performance, being cynical and accusatory towards other employees, trying to change jobs, slowing work, getting to work late and getting frequent reports and not going to work. ”

    In the United Kingdom, the Health and Safety Authority reported that 12.5 million working days in 2016-2017 were lost due to work stress, depression and anxiety. Long working hours, low wages, deterioration of job-private life balance, excessive workload, poor management are the major stresses.

    Professor Dr. Zuhal Baltas says stress is manageable: “A person must develop a definition of action and an action plan by assessing the characteristics of his work, his own characteristics, and the environment of life separately. Being able to cope with work stress is related to the harmony between personal characteristics and job characteristics. This alignment is based on the balance between knowledge, skills and competences that are characterized by personal characteristics and business attributes that include challenges. Whatever job you are working with, it is important not to be under stress, but to have endurance characteristics.
    There is VUCA period defined by fluctuation, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in business life. In this new environment, external conditions are not fixed and change is the reality of life. Let’s not forget that the ability to adapt survives, not the strong. ”

    Assoc. Dr. Bahadir Maintenance is in the following recommendations for coping with stress.

    · The person must be aware of himself / herself, accept his limitations, be “no” when necessary, be in realistic expectations about work and others,

    · Must be promising in the future, identify short-, medium- and long-term goals for themselves and their families.

    · Try to see the affirmations in and around him / her,

    · Students should learn something other than work such as learning to breathe and relax, listening to music, doing sports, hobbies, being together with relatives.

    · Be aware of the difficulties and risks of the job before starting work,

    · Reduce monotony in business and private life,

    · Develop a humorous look in the way of “laughing under the mustache”

    · Share feelings and difficulties and be able to ask for help when necessary.

    According to researches conducted by the American Stress Institute, the characteristics of the professions that might shorten the life span are as follows:

  • workbenches

    Increasing your productivity at the workplace will ensure that your recycling becomes more efficient and your workplace environment will be more efficient.
    It is very important to evaluate the time in the workplace in a good and quality manner, and a good evaluation of this time increases the efficiency of both the employees and the company.
    The secret to increasing efficiency is not to work long hours, but to work wisely. While many people think that they are committed to spending their long hours, the efficiency in the work done may not be very high. This is because the required efficiency is not ensured. As managers of the company, you can take some measures to increase your own productivity and the productivity of your employees and encourage your employees with these methods.

    Limit the time spent per task
    Track and limit the amount of time employees spend on each task. Because many distractions can prevent people from focusing on their work during the construction of these tasks, a certain time limit is required for each task to be performed.
    In the first instance, your employees may find it difficult to keep up with this change; however, setting these limits and adhering to them will enable employees to bring all their attention to this work.
    Move away from social media
    The use of social media during working hours significantly distracts the attention of many employees. In order to prevent this, many companies may not be able to prevent this problem even if they forbid access to these channels in the corporate internet network.

    What needs to be done here is to explain to the employees why this is important and how social media reduces their productivity. Continuously controlling these channels causes the work to be completed or finished longer than necessary. Therefore, the condition of setting a certain time limit per task, which we mentioned in the previous article, will enable employees to focus on their work without distracting their attention.
    Say unnecessary meetings
    Especially meetings at corporate workplaces are one of the biggest enemies of efficiency. Different meetings are held from morning to evening, and these meetings take a long time, so things don’t work.
    In order to increase efficiency, the number of these meetings should be reduced and these meetings should not be held unless necessary.

    If there is a need for a permanent meeting, make sure that the maximum duration of these meetings is 15 minutes. Since many people are unprepared for the meeting, these meetings can be extended and the duration can be extended further.

    In order to increase the efficiency in the workplace, you need to set a certain time limit in these meetings. Otherwise, when your employees run from meeting to meeting, they will not have time to do their jobs.

    Don’t focus on more than one job at the same time
    One of today’s problems is multi-tasking or multiple tasks at the same time. Workers who concentrate on more than one job due to the intensity of the works complete the tasks to be done in a shorter period of time, as they cannot collect their heads completely. For this reason, employees need to be managed in a way that does not cause them to focus on more than one job at the same time.

    Even if there is an intense tempo, by helping employees to finish tasks one by one, helping them to finish more quickly will reduce their stress and increase productivity.

    Give regular breaks
    Employees should also give breaks at regular intervals. In the morning 9 evening 6 working hours, no one has the power, energy and patience to work without interruption. Even if people work at this pace for a while, they start to experience problems and reflect on these problems after a while. For this reason, ensure that employees take breaks at regular intervals and encourage them to take breaks. A 5 to 10 minute break at the beginning of each hour reduces the level of stress and allows people to collect their attention.

    Not so much, promote smart work
    Although many company managers support long working hours and uninterrupted work, this method does not increase productivity, but it causes disruptions.

    By enabling your employees to focus on their work in a planned and concentrated manner, you can ensure that jobs end in time as well as increasing productivity.

    It is your duty to guide and inform employees about this issue, as smart work requires planning the work for certain time periods.

    Put small targets
    To increase productivity at work, ask your employees to set small goals. Or, you set these goals as managers. Setting weekly targets will enable your employees to work more resolutely to meet these goals.

    Reward achievements


    Öka din produktivitet på arbetsplatsen kommer att se till att din återvinning blir effektivare och din arbetsmiljö blir effektivare.
    Det är mycket viktigt att utvärdera tiden på arbetsplatsen på ett bra och kvalitativt sätt, och en bra utvärdering av den här tiden ökar effektiviteten hos både medarbetarna och företaget.
    Hemligheten att öka effektiviteten är inte att arbeta långa timmar, men att arbeta klokt. Medan många tror att de är fast beslutna att spendera sina långa timmar, kan effektiviteten i arbetet kanske inte vara mycket högt. Detta beror på att den erforderliga effektiviteten inte är säkerställd. Som företagsledare kan du vidta åtgärder för att öka din produktivitet och produktivitet hos dina anställda och uppmuntra dina anställda med dessa metoder.

    Begränsa tiden som används per uppgift
    Spåra och begränsa hur lång tid anställda spenderar på varje uppgift. Eftersom många distraheringar kan förhindra att människor fokuserar på sitt arbete under uppbyggnaden av dessa uppgifter krävs en viss tidsgräns för varje uppgift att utföra.
    I första hand kan dina anställda ha svårt att följa den här förändringen. Om du ställer in dessa gränser och följer dem kommer de att göra det möjligt för medarbetarna att uppmärksamma detta arbete.
    Flytta dig bort från sociala medier
    Användningen av sociala medier under arbetstiden avviker väsentligt många anställdas uppmärksamhet. För att förhindra detta kan många företag inte kunna förhindra detta problem även om de förbjuder tillgång till dessa kanaler i företagsnätverket.

    Vad som behöver göras här är att förklara för medarbetarna varför detta är viktigt och hur sociala medier minskar produktiviteten. Genom att kontinuerligt styra dessa kanaler får arbetet att slutföras eller slutas längre än nödvändigt. Därför kan villkoret att fastställa en viss tidsgräns per uppgift, som vi nämnde i föregående artikel, göra det möjligt för medarbetarna att fokusera på sitt arbete utan att distrahera deras uppmärksamhet.
    Säg onödiga möten
    Speciellt möten på företagens arbetsplatser är en av de största fienderna av effektivitet. Olika möten hålls från morgon till kväll, och dessa möten tar lång tid, så sakerna fungerar inte.
    För att öka effektiviteten bör antalet möten minskas och dessa möten bör inte hållas om det inte är nödvändigt.

    Om det finns behov av ett permanent möte, se till att den maximala tiden för dessa möten är 15 minuter. Eftersom många människor är oförberedda inför mötet kan dessa möten förlängas och varaktigheten kan förlängas ytterligare.

    För att öka effektiviteten på arbetsplatsen måste du ange en viss tidsgräns vid dessa möten. Annars, när dina anställda går från möte till möte, kommer de inte ha tid att göra sina jobb.

    Fokusera inte på mer än ett jobb samtidigt
    Ett av dagens problem är multi-tasking eller flera uppgifter samtidigt. Arbetstagare som koncentrerar sig på mer än ett jobb på grund av arbetets intensitet fullbordar uppgifterna på en kortare tid, eftersom de inte kan samla sina huvuden helt. Därför måste medarbetarna hanteras på ett sätt som inte får dem att fokusera på mer än ett jobb samtidigt.

    Även om det finns ett intensivt tempo, genom att hjälpa anställda att slutföra uppgifterna en efter en, vilket hjälper dem att klara sig snabbare, minskar deras stress och ökar produktiviteten.

    Ge regelbundna raster
    Anställda bör också ge avbrott med jämna mellanrum. På morgonen 9 kväll 6 arbets timmar, ingen har makt, energi och tålamod att arbeta utan avbrott. Även om människor arbetar i denna takt en stund börjar de uppleva problem och reflektera över dessa problem efter ett tag. Av detta skäl se till att anställda tar avbrott med jämna mellanrum och uppmuntrar dem att ta raster. En 5 till 10 minuters paus i början av varje timme minskar stressnivån och gör det möjligt för människor att samla uppmärksamheten.

    Inte så mycket, främja smart arbete
    Även om många företagsledare stöder långa arbetstider och oavbrutet arbete, ökar denna metod inte produktiviteten, men det orsakar störningar.

    Genom att göra det möjligt för dina medarbetare att fokusera på sitt arbete på ett planerat och koncentrerat sätt kan du se till att jobb slutar i tid och att öka produktiviteten.

    Det är din plikt att vägleda och informera anställda om detta problem, eftersom smart arbete kräver planering av arbetet under vissa tidsperioder.

    Sätt små mål
    För att öka produktiviteten på jobbet, be dina anställda att ställa små mål. Eller du ställer dessa mål som chefer. Genom att ställa in veckovisa mål kommer dina anställda att arbeta mer beslutsamt för att möta dessa mål.

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  • Workbenches

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    Work benches are suitable for assembly, service, maintenance, production, arge in all kinds of work places, which must be found in factories, repair shops, and businesses.

    It is painted with electrostatic powder paint. Combinations of drawers under the counter can optionally be produced. Hangers, electric panels, fluorescent lamps, vices can be added to the benches. 50x50x1.5 mm box profile carcass. The tops of the benches are produced from 25 mm MDF pinoteks painted plates and the top of the table can optionally be rubber sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless sheet. The rubber plates are joined to the MDF with galvanized L interlocks. The feet are welded and the interconnections are bolted. There are rubber tires on the feet that grip the floor and grip on the edges to prevent slippage.