Elektrik Panoları

  • Electric Panels

    It is the name given to the panel assembled in a closed cabinet on a base sheet, sorting the electrical or electronic devices into an organism to perform an operation.

    There are many varieties of electrical panels, with a stitched base plate or a stitched inner lid. In general, widely used stanchion type panels are used in the market.

    In the electric panels, the base sheet is adjustable and modular system. Base plates can be arranged on a desk if desired and the panel can be placed comfortably.

    Panels with an inner curtain system consist of hair covers suitable for use. These hair covers can also be sealed according to the need.

    In particular, the sealed lid system can be used in clock panels. Because time is sealed and fugitives are prevented.

    Devices must be stored in enclosed and refrigerated rooms. But that does not quite match the theory. Therefore, the panel must have its own cooling and dust protection.

    The electric panel can not always be used indoors. Sometimes it is also used in outdoor environments. Panels used in outdoor environment use ethanj system. Thanks to this system, natural results such as rain are removed from the devices.

    The front cover part of the sewed electrical panels can be transparent glass. Thanks to this glass it is possible to observe the points to be controlled.


    Electric Panels General

    Electric panels are devices that provide electricity distribution in building type structures and have a number of indicators. It is possible to evaluate the answer of the question how the electric panel should be said from different angles. It would be appropriate to evaluate the electrical panels in terms of their variety and equipment, and to put a logic into the first order of safety. Electricity distribution is an issue that should not be neglected from both the technical side and the different angles.

    What are the materials used in electrical panels?

    For the construction of electric panels, which are of interest, materials with different properties are used and these materials are mounted in accordance with their functions. During installation of the protection and partitioning parts, the parts are prevented from touching each other in any way. Damage caused by short-circuit currents is also being tried to be kept at a minimum level.

    With the soliton device, the busbars are placed in the protective panel and all devices can be intervened when the front door is opened. The important point here is that the energy must be cut off while working on the pan. The bara and salt devices in the electric panel are divided into two groups as the bara unit and the control unit. All output units in the control unit are separated from each other independently by the bara unit.

    Each of the output units is independent of one another and the connection points of the units are made in the same cell. The easier it is to implement Panolara intervention, the better the security. In some firms, low voltage panels may show a drawer in some of the stationary.

    How Electricity Panels Produce?

    In the production phase, in the construction of electric panels, the computer programs and the hair cut to be formed by the panel frame are designed and the places to be drilled are detected and the hair processing machine is commanded. The sheet metal commanded to bring the board frame to the grid is set so that it is put into the machine. In this way, all operations are performed quickly and automatically. Board bending is done with the given command. Panel heat treatment is applied up to the desired shape. Then the interior design of the panel is adjusted and the lid and the outward appearance are adjusted as desired.


    الإلكترونية في كائن حي للقيام بعملية ما.

    هناك العديد من أنواع الألواح الكهربائية ، مع لوحة قاعدة مخيط أو غطاء داخلي مخيط. بشكل عام ، يتم استخدام لوحات نوع الدعامات المستخدمة على نطاق واسع في السوق.

    في الألواح الكهربائية ، الورقة الأساسية قابلة للتعديل ونظام معياري. يمكن ترتيب الألواح الأساسية على المكتب عند الرغبة ، ويمكن وضع اللوحة بشكل مريح.

    تتكون الألواح ذات نظام الستائر الداخلي من أغطية شعر مناسبة للاستخدام. ويمكن أيضا أن تكون هذه أغلفة الشعر مختومة وفقا للحاجة.

    على وجه الخصوص ، يمكن استخدام نظام غطاء مختوم في لوحات الساعة. لأنه يتم إغلاق الوقت ويتم منع الهاربين.

    يجب تخزين الأجهزة في غرف مغلقة ومبردة. لكن هذا لا يتطابق تمامًا مع النظرية. لذلك ، يجب أن يكون لدى الفريق حماية خاصة به من التبريد والغبار.

    لا يمكن دائمًا استخدام اللوحة الكهربائية في الداخل. في بعض الأحيان يتم استخدامه أيضا في البيئات في الهواء الطلق. تستخدم اللوحات المستخدمة في البيئة الخارجية نظام الإيثانج. بفضل هذا النظام ، تتم إزالة النتائج الطبيعية مثل المطر من الأجهزة.

    يمكن أن يكون جزء الغطاء الأمامي للألواح الكهربائية المغلفة من الزجاج الشفاف. بفضل هذا الزجاج ، من الممكن مراقبة النقاط التي يجب التحكم بها.


    Es el nombre que se le da al panel ensamblado en un gabinete cerrado sobre una placa base, clasificando los dispositivos eléctricos o electrónicos en un organismo para realizar una operación.

    Hay muchas variedades de paneles eléctricos, con una placa base cosida o una tapa interna cosida. En general, en el mercado se utilizan paneles de tipo puntal ampliamente utilizados.

    En los paneles eléctricos, la hoja base es ajustable y sistema modular. Las placas de base se pueden organizar en un escritorio si se desea y el panel se puede colocar cómodamente.

    Los paneles con un sistema de cortina interior consisten en fundas para el cabello adecuadas para su uso. Estas fundas para el cabello también se pueden sellar según la necesidad.

    En particular, el sistema de tapa sellada se puede usar en paneles de reloj. Porque el tiempo está sellado y los fugitivos son prevenidos.

    Los dispositivos deben almacenarse en habitaciones cerradas y refrigeradas. Pero eso no coincide con la teoría. Por lo tanto, el panel debe tener su propia protección contra el enfriamiento y el polvo.

    El panel eléctrico no siempre se puede usar en interiores. Algunas veces también se usa en ambientes al aire libre. Los paneles utilizados en entornos exteriores utilizan el sistema ethanj. Gracias a este sistema, los resultados naturales como la lluvia se eliminan de los dispositivos.

    La parte de la cubierta frontal de los paneles eléctricos cosidos puede ser de vidrio transparente. Gracias a este cristal es posible observar los puntos a controlar.


    È il nome dato al pannello assemblato in un armadietto chiuso su un foglio di base, che ordina i dispositivi elettrici o elettronici in un organismo per eseguire un’operazione.

    Ci sono molte varietà di quadri elettrici, con una piastra di base cucita o un coperchio interno cucito. In generale, sul mercato sono usati pannelli di tipo a montanti largamente usati.

    Nei pannelli elettrici, il foglio di base è regolabile e sistema modulare. Se necessario, le piastre di base possono essere disposte su una scrivania e il pannello può essere collocato comodamente.

    I pannelli con un sistema di tende interne sono costituiti da coperture per capelli adatte all’uso. Queste coperture per capelli possono anche essere sigillate in base alle necessità.

    In particolare, il sistema a coperchio sigillato può essere utilizzato nei pannelli di orologio. Perché il tempo è sigillato e i fuggitivi sono prevenuti.

    I dispositivi devono essere conservati in locali chiusi e refrigerati. Ma questo non corrisponde alla teoria. Pertanto, il pannello deve avere il proprio raffreddamento e protezione dalla polvere.

    Il quadro elettrico non può essere sempre utilizzato in ambienti chiusi. A volte viene utilizzato anche in ambienti esterni. I pannelli utilizzati in ambiente esterno utilizzano il sistema ethanj. Grazie a questo sistema, i risultati naturali come la pioggia vengono rimossi dai dispositivi.

    La parte anteriore della copertura dei pannelli elettrici cuciti può essere in vetro trasparente. Grazie a questo vetro è possibile osservare i punti da controllare.




  • Machine control panels

    They are metal consoles and panels used to control machines, used to place electrical or electronic devices in an orderly manner, to protect devices from external influences and to carry out specified movements of the machine.

    Inside of these piano panels are the bottoms. All the components to be used on this base sheet can be placed. The upper part of the panel has a cover and buttons and control equipment to control the devices. At this point, the machine or device is presented to the user control when requested.

    Ergonomics is very important in piano panels. Such a unique user. people should be able to use it comfortably and work smoothly.

    On the inside of the piano panels there is a piece called a base sheet. Motor control equipment such as driver contactor is placed on this part.

    Thanks to the upper control part, the motors can be controlled as well as the machines. The system called piano or pult panel is available in advanced systems. This system is a kiosk system.


    an engem Layout vun elektresch oder elektronesch Geräter Faarwe Maschinnen Metal erweidert a Sproochen iwwersat Apparater gi benotzt ze kontrolléieren der Bewegung vun der Maschinn, déi vun externen Facteuren sech ze schützen a sécher.

    Bannen vun dëse Piano Panelen sinn d’Sousse. All d’Komponenten déi op dësem Bunnblatt benotzt ginn, kënnen plazéiert ginn. Der ieweschter Deel vum Schlass Rot déi Apparater etabléiert Knäppercher an Kontroll Equipement kontrolléieren kann. Also, ass d’Maschinn oder Apparat fir de Benotzer Kontroll presentéiert Wonsch ass.

    Ergonomie ass ganz wichteg fir Piano Panels. Sou ee eendeitegen User. Leit sollen et komfortabel benotzen a leeë kënnen.

    Piano Cabinet sinn am Kär huel Deel genannt Hoer gesat. Astellung vun der Motorsteuer wéi de Schreifkontakt gëtt op dësem Deel plazéiert.

    néideg vun der ieweschter Kontroll Gedriffer an Maschinn Deeler se kontrolléiert ginn. D’System ass sinn am fortgeschratt Rot Piano oder pult fortgeschratt Backup genannt. Dëst System ass e Kiosksystem.


    فهي عبارة عن لوحات ولوحات معدنية تستخدم للتحكم في الماكينات ، وتستخدم في وضع الأجهزة الكهربائية أو الإلكترونية بطريقة منظمة ، لحماية الأجهزة من التأثيرات الخارجية وتنفيذ الحركات المحددة للجهاز.

    داخل لوحات البيانو هذه هي القيعان. يمكن وضع جميع المكونات المستخدمة في هذه الورقة الأساسية. يحتوي الجزء العلوي من اللوحة على غطاء وأزرار ومعدات تحكم للتحكم في الأجهزة. عند هذه النقطة ، يتم تقديم الجهاز أو الجهاز إلى تحكم المستخدم عند الطلب.

    بيئة العمل مهمة جدا في لوحات البيانو. مثل هذا المستخدم الفريد. يجب أن يكون الناس قادرين على استخدامها بشكل مريح والعمل بسلاسة.

    يوجد داخل داخل لوحات البيانو قطعة تسمى الورقة الأساسية. يتم وضع معدات التحكم في المحركات مثل قواطع السائق على هذا الجزء.

    بفضل جزء التحكم العلوي ، يمكن التحكم في المحركات وكذلك الآلات. يتوفر النظام المسمى piano أو لوحة pult في الأنظمة المتقدمة. هذا النظام هو نظام كشك.


    Ce sont des consoles et des panneaux métalliques utilisés pour contrôler les machines, utilisés pour placer les appareils électriques ou électroniques de manière ordonnée, pour protéger les appareils des influences extérieures et pour effectuer les mouvements spécifiés de la machine.

    À l’intérieur de ces panneaux de piano sont les fonds. Tous les composants à utiliser sur cette feuille de base peuvent être placés. La partie supérieure du panneau est dotée d’un couvercle et de boutons et d’un équipement de contrôle pour contrôler les appareils. À ce stade, la machine ou le périphérique est présenté au contrôle de l’utilisateur lorsque cela lui est demandé.

    L’ergonomie est très importante dans les panneaux de piano. Un tel utilisateur unique. les gens devraient pouvoir l’utiliser confortablement et travailler en douceur.

    À l’intérieur des panneaux de piano se trouve une pièce appelée feuille de base. L’équipement de commande du moteur, tel que le contacteur du pilote, est placé sur cette pièce.

    Grâce à la partie supérieure de la commande, les moteurs peuvent être contrôlés ainsi que les machines. Le système appelé piano ou panneau pult est disponible dans les systèmes avancés. Ce système est un système de kiosque.


    Son consolas metálicas y paneles utilizados para controlar máquinas, que se utilizan para colocar dispositivos eléctricos o electrónicos de una manera ordenada, para proteger los dispositivos de influencias externas y para llevar a cabo movimientos específicos de la máquina.

    Dentro de estos paneles de piano están los fondos. Todos los componentes que se utilizarán en esta hoja de base se pueden colocar. La parte superior del panel tiene una cubierta y botones y equipo de control para controlar los dispositivos. En este punto, la máquina o dispositivo se presenta al control del usuario cuando se solicita.

    La ergonomía es muy importante en los paneles de piano. Un usuario tan único. las personas deberían poder usarlo cómodamente y trabajar sin problemas.

    En el interior de los paneles del piano hay una pieza llamada hoja base. El equipo de control del motor como el contactor del conductor se coloca en esta parte.

    Gracias a la parte de control superior, los motores se pueden controlar, así como las máquinas. El sistema llamado piano o pult panel está disponible en sistemas avanzados. Este sistema es un sistema de quiosco.

  • Electric Panels

    All bodies consist of molecules or atoms. In other words, if we divide an object into pieces, we can see that the smallest part bearing the nature of that object is a molecule or an atom. The atom consists of the core in the center and electrons rotating rapidly around it.
    When the electrons in the outer orbits of some atoms are exposed to some effects such as heat, magnetic field, chemical reaction, they are easily free from their orbits. In this way, the electron separated from the atom is called the free electron.
    This is the free electrons mentioned above and the free electrons mentioned above, which provide the electric current, the electric voltage, the rotation of the electric motors, the light of the electric bulbs, the cooking of the electric furnaces and the free electrons mentioned above. In short, free electrons can generate electric current and voltage and use them as electricity.
    The electric current is the amount of free electrons passing through the cross-section of a conductive object. In other words, the electric current is the free electrons flowing through the conductive material.
    The electrical current intensity unit is called Amperes. In order for electric current to flow through a circuit, that circuit must be Closed Circuit.
    If the circuit is open, the free electrons cannot pass through the air and the electric current does not flow. Such circuits are also called Open Circuit.
    The motion of water flowing through a water pipe can be compared to the movement of electrons flowing from a conductor. Water flowing from the pipe, while the conductors are electrons flowing. A pressure difference is required for the water to flow through the water pipe. For example, water should be pumped with a water pump so that water can flow through the pipe. Likewise, a force is needed to flow through the electric circuit. Without this force, the free electrons cannot move, so the electric current does not flow. Here is the force that causes the electric current to flow out of the circuit by moving the free electrons. The voltage unit is Volt. It is indicated by the letter (V) or (E).
    The resistance of the conductive objects against the current passing through them is called resistance or resistance. Again, the example of the water circuit; the walls of the water pipe (inner surface) shows a resistance to the flow of water, that is, if it makes it difficult for water to flow through the pipe, the atoms and electrons in a conductor are released and are called Resistance or Resistance. Due to this resistance to electric current, the wire starts to heat up and the temperature of the wire increases as the value of the current increases. Resistance unit is Ohm.
    When a current passes through a resistor, electric energy is converted into heat energy. If we multiply the current passing through the circuit with the voltage applied to the circuit, we have found the electrical power. If we multiply the time (clock) by the electric power, we find the electrical energy. The unit is also Watt / Hour (Kw / h).

    Tutti i corpi sono composti da molecole o atomi. In altre parole, se dividiamo un oggetto in pezzi, possiamo vedere che la più piccola parte che porta la natura di quell’oggetto è una molecola o un atomo. L’atomo è costituito dal nucleo centrale e gli elettroni ruotano rapidamente attorno ad esso.
    Quando gli elettroni nelle orbite esterne di alcuni atomi sono esposti ad alcuni effetti come il calore, il campo magnetico, la reazione chimica, sono facilmente esenti dalle loro orbite. In questo modo, l’elettrone separato dall’atomo è chiamato elettrone libero.
    Questi sono gli elettroni liberi sopra menzionati e gli elettroni liberi menzionati sopra, che forniscono la corrente elettrica, la tensione elettrica, la rotazione dei motori elettrici, la luce delle lampadine elettriche, la cottura dei forni elettrici e gli elettroni liberi sopra menzionati. In breve, gli elettroni liberi possono generare corrente elettrica e tensione e usarli come elettricità.
    La corrente elettrica è la quantità di elettroni liberi che passano attraverso la sezione trasversale di un oggetto conduttore. In altre parole, la corrente elettrica è gli elettroni liberi che fluiscono attraverso il materiale conduttivo.
    L’unità di intensità di corrente elettrica si chiama Ampere. Affinché la corrente elettrica possa fluire attraverso un circuito, tale circuito deve essere a circuito chiuso.
    Se il circuito è aperto, gli elettroni liberi non possono passare attraverso l’aria e la corrente elettrica non fluisce. Tali circuiti sono anche chiamati circuiti aperti.
    Il moto dell’acqua che fluisce attraverso un tubo d’acqua può essere paragonato al movimento degli elettroni che fluiscono da un conduttore. L’acqua che scorre dal tubo, mentre i conduttori sono gli elettroni che scorre. È necessaria una differenza di pressione perché l’acqua scorra attraverso il tubo dell’acqua. Ad esempio, l’acqua dovrebbe essere pompata con una pompa dell’acqua in modo che l’acqua possa fluire attraverso il tubo. Allo stesso modo, è necessaria una forza per fluire attraverso il circuito elettrico. Senza questa forza, gli elettroni liberi non possono muoversi, quindi la corrente elettrica non fluisce. Ecco la forza che fa uscire la corrente elettrica dal circuito spostando gli elettroni liberi. L’unità di tensione è Volt. È indicato dalla lettera (V) o (E).
    La resistenza degli oggetti conduttivi contro la corrente che li attraversa viene chiamata resistenza o resistenza. Di nuovo, l’esempio del circuito dell’acqua; le pareti del tubo dell’acqua (superficie interna) mostrano una resistenza al flusso dell’acqua, cioè, se rende difficile il flusso dell’acqua attraverso il tubo, gli atomi e gli elettroni in un conduttore vengono rilasciati e sono chiamati Resistenza o Resistenza. A causa di questa resistenza alla corrente elettrica, il filo inizia a riscaldarsi e la temperatura del filo aumenta al crescere del valore della corrente. L’unità di resistenza è Ohm.
    Quando una corrente passa attraverso un resistore, l’energia elettrica viene convertita in energia termica. Se moltiplichiamo la corrente che passa attraverso il circuito con la tensione applicata al circuito, abbiamo trovato la potenza elettrica. Se moltiplichiamo il tempo (orologio) con l’energia elettrica, troviamo l’energia elettrica. L’unità è anche Watt / Ora (Kw / h).

  • Makina Panoları

    Makineler genel olarak metal konstrüksiyon üzerinde x,y,z gibi genel eksenlerde veya transfer (yağ,su, akışı gibi) yöntemiyle çalışan sistemlerdir. Bu sistemler elektrikli cihazlar ile motor gibi aksamlara iletişim gönderip makineden istenilen hareketler yerine getirilmektedir.

    Elektrik veya elektronik hemen hemen her makinede kullanılsada bir o kadar da tehlikeleri beraberinde getirmektedir. Bu elektrik komponentlerinin bir kutu veya panel içinde toplanması ve korunması gerekmektedir.

    Makineyi çalıştıracak cihazların bir pano içinde toplamak için yapılan metal kutuya-kabine makine panosu denilmektedir.

    Makine içinde toplanan elektrik malzemeleri makine panosu içinde bir taban sacı ile montaj işlemi yapılmaktadır. Bu montaj sacı istenildiği zaman sökülebilir özelliği kazandırılmıştır.

    Makinelerde kontrol dışı arızalar genelde makine panoları içinde oluşmaktadır. Veya herhangi bir zorlanma , kontrol dışı çarpma gibi durumlarda koruma sistemleri devreye girmektedir. Bu durum makine panosu içinden kontrol edilmektedir. Dolayısıyla taban sacı kısmına ulaşım kolay olmalıdır. Aynı zamanda oluşabilecek tehlikeler içinde güvenlikli bir sisteme ihtiyaç vardır.Bunun için ön kısma menteşeli kilitli kapak yapılmıştır.