Stainless Panels

Stainless Panels

Stainless Panels

Stainless Panels are used especially in health and food fields as well as outdoors. The most important reason for using this material is its long life against corrosion.

Why is stainless material preferred especially in marinas and luxury spaces? Although this is shown as expensive material usage and quality perception, the main reason is durability and longevity. In other words, it can give the same appearance after 1-2 years and does not tend to corrode physically.

Stainless Panels

Stainless Panels

The production stages of stainless material are as special. Although the production steps provide similarity to normal iron material, they are actually quite different. Cnc laser cutting of the sample should be done. Special parts should be added under bending molds to prevent scratching. Welding should be done with teak (stainless welding).

Stainless Panels made of stainless material can be used in many different systems for industrial purposes. The most important element is the display equipment. Special parts are made for mounting the screen to the stainless panel. For this, special stainless steel studs are made on the front face of the panel. These studs must be made without drilling holes on the front surface, as this is equivalent to stainless quality.

Screens can be mounted to the panel either with screws from the front side or with special parts. Stainless panels are used especially in industrial and food sector. Stainless panels are used to prevent oxidation, especially at sea sides or in humid environments.

Stainless panels and equipments to be used must be manufactured with 304 quality and special stainless processes. Generally 304 quality stainless panels are available in average 2000 hours / salt water ratios.

The production method used in the production of stainless panels should be compatible with the stainless material. Otherwise, the quality of the production decreases. In this case, special production methods are used. The production stages of stainless steel panels should be water.

Why use stainless panels?

Nowadays, stainless material should be used as a legal requirement in food and health fields. The main reason for this requirement is hygiene and stainless steel. At the same time, the wear property can be included in these criteria.

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